Тизимнинг ушбу имкониятидан фойдаланиш учун Сиз авторизация қилинишингиз керак!
Рўйхатдан ўтишни хоҳлайсизми? Ёки тизимга ўз логинингиз билан кирасизми?

Авторизация қилиш Рўйхатдан ўтиш

In the case provided for in part seven of this article, the licensing authority shall be obliged to issue a license to him or extend the validity of the license within five working days upon receipt of a written notice from the license applicant. Prior to obtaining a license, an inventory of the submitted documents with a mark on the date of their receipt and a written notice sent by the license applicant to the licensing authority are equated with the license and are the basis for such activities. Moreover, the license applicant cannot be held liable for engaging in activities without a license.
Carrying out licensed activities in violation of the requirements of the first and second parts of this article shall entail liability established by law for engaging in activities without a license.
Termination of the license in the cases specified in paragraphs six to eight of the first part of this article shall be carried out in court, with the exception of cases established by law.
provided for by part eleven of article 16 of this Law;
Cancellation of a license in the case provided for in paragraph four of part one of this article shall be carried out by decision of the court, and in other cases by decision of the licensing authority.

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